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Cranberry Group


Cranberry Roasting

The Cranberry Group of companies encompasses wholesale, roasting, retail and packaging, and enjoys a reputation for quality and value in every aspect of the four divisions.

From our roasting plant in North West London Cranberry Roasting uses traditional Middle Eastern hot air ovens and techniques to roast and coat all products. There is no frying or addition of any vegetable or other oils in the roasting process.

Traditionally roasting nuts is a skilful art requiring many years of experience. This is a slow process, however the end result is a delicate, natural taste and consistency.

Many products and flavours are unique to the Group. Coatings are to our own recipes using the best flavours and ingredients available, and where possible, totally natural.

New coatings and flavours are being trialled all of the time - we never stand still and are always looking to develop new and exciting lines.

Bespoke flavours and mixes can be developed for customers - if you have a particular requirement our specialist team will work with you to help develop a new line.